Expertise in B2B Demand Gen

My background is 25 years in DG. I was customer #50 at Eloqua and my client Lenovo won one of the first Eloqua Markie Awards for Best Demand Gen Program. Since then I’ve been a CMO, built MarTech and run my own agency. I developed Dell’s GTM strategy as the exclusive reseller of Salesforce, generated $80M in pipeline revenue for Lenovo and created a channel program for Chevron. REV MKG is a 2.0 model that brings world-class demand gen talent directly to your projects. We’re not looking to be your AOR. We just want to do outstanding work in areas we know extremely well.

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GTM for New Products & Initiatives

Build on the foundational work you’ve done to operationalize a GTM plan for a new launch.


Personas, Journeys & Content

Create Personas and Buyer Journeys from scratch and build & align content and messaging.


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Our DNA is B2B Demand Gen

We live and breathe B2B demand gen, and our services have a relatively narrow focus. We think of ourselves as the experts that do the not-so-glamorous mid-funnel work, building the infrastructure that turns your acquisition investment into MQLs.

Business Growth


Process Consulting


Planning & Stratergye


Our Approach & Strategy

We’ve worked for the biggest agencies in the word and owned our own firms. Having a broad set of capabilities makes sense when you’re RFP’ing a large portion of your business. But no agency is outstanding at everything, and sometimes having a small team of experts is a better fit. That’s why we hand-pick teams of highly experienced veterans specifically for your project. They’re always experts with deep domain expertise, peers you can trust.

Endorsements from Marketers like You

Malcolm's team helped us launch a technology for customer service inquiries. His input was critical in helping us successfully overcome some unexpected challenges.
Patrick C. Stanford University
Malcolm has a deep understanding of how to build nurturing and scoring programs. He totally revamped our demand gen program, built new nurtures and a new scoring model. He put us lightyears ahead of where we were.
Meredith L. Enterprise Software
We really needed help understanding where our demand generation program was at. Malcolm did a full audit, looked at everything we were doing and gave us really specific feedback. From there we worked with him to develop a strategy and plan.
Rachel Y. Manufacturing

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